our drive

We are Dancing Cow, an Indian Dilly brand that stands up (or sits down) for what is right. We love cowsplaining people and are positive rebellions against a system that has brought us global warming, dairy farming, and slaughterhouses. Our way to dismantle this unsustainable system is with super healthy and great-tasting products.

leave all animals out of the equation!

First and foremost, we are passionate vegans on a mission to bring down the unsustainable system of animal farming.And we also sell delicious, super healthy food products. We are building UP's largest animal rescue shelter near Lucknow where we aim to give shelter to farmed animals. For every 10k Oatish oat milk (1L) packs we sell on our website, we intend to rescue a buffalo or a cow from the dairy industry.

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Why an oats milk brand?

Oatish oat milk is made from the finest, locally sourced oats and has a rich, creamy texture that complements the taste of any dish perfectly. Since the taste and texture of Oatish is so similar to the cow's milk, it makes the transition to dairy free living much easier and hassle free for people.

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