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Oatish Rich Chocolate - Plant Based Chocolate Oat Milk

Oatish Rich Chocolate - Plant Based Chocolate Oat Milk

Immerse yourself in the velvety decadence of Oatish Rich Chocolate – the epitome of plant-based indulgence. Our chocolate oat milk is a symphony of silkiness and rich cocoa, delivering a guilt-free escape into chocolate bliss. Whether enjoyed as a comforting mug of warmth or integrated into your favorite desserts, Oatish Rich Chocolate elevates your taste experience. Dive into a world where each sip is a celebration of plant-based luxury – savor Oatish Rich Chocolate and let the chocolaty goodness captivate your senses.

Dive into Decadence with Oatish Rich Chocolate: A Symphony of Silkiness and Chocolate Bliss

Indulge in the luscious fusion of smooth oat milk and rich chocolate with Oatish Rich Chocolate. Our plant-based chocolate oat milk is not just a beverage; it's a celebration of decadence, a heavenly blend that transforms every sip into a moment of pure bliss.

The Oatish Rich Chocolate Experience

Immerse yourself in a world where creamy meets chocolaty, creating an indulgent symphony for your taste buds. Oatish Rich Chocolate is more than a drink; it's a sensory experience that redefines chocolate milk with a plant-based twist.

  • Silky Smooth Goodness: Savor the velvety texture that defines Oatish. Each sip of Rich Chocolate is a journey into silkiness, bringing you the perfect harmony of oats and chocolate in every drop.
  • Decadent Chocolate Flavor: Escape into the richness of chocolate without compromising on your commitment to plant-based living. Oatish Rich Chocolate delivers a chocolatey experience that satisfies your sweet cravings with every delightful gulp.
  • Versatility in Indulgence: From a comforting warm mug to an ingredient in your favorite desserts, Oatish Rich Chocolate elevates your culinary creations with a touch of chocolatey elegance.

Why Choose Oatish Rich Chocolate?

  • Plant-Based Decadence: Oatish Rich Chocolate is a guilt-free indulgence, offering the perfect blend of plant-based goodness and chocolatey delight.
  • Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Packed with the wholesome benefits of oats, Oatish Rich Chocolate isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a source of essential nutrients that nourish your body.
  • Cruelty-Free Chocolate Experience: Enjoy the richness of chocolate without the need for dairy. Oatish Rich Chocolate is crafted with a commitment to ethical, cruelty-free ingredients.

Elevate Your Chocolate Experience!

Oatish Rich Chocolate is your ticket to a world where indulgence meets conscious choices. Elevate your chocolate experience, embrace the goodness of oats, and satisfy your sweet tooth with Oatish Rich Chocolate – where every sip is a celebration of plant-based decadence.

Zero added sugar
Rich and creamy
Vitamin B12 and calcium
0 cholesterol, trans or saturated fat
Source of protein
Low calories
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Introducing Oatish Oat Milk - the creamy, sugar-free plant-based milk perfect for your morning cuppa or baking adventures! Packed with 21 grams of protein per pack and infused with Vitamin B12, calcium, and iron, it's a nutritious choice. Plus, it contains millets and mung beans for extra healthiness. With zero saturated fat or trans fat, it's a guilt-free addition to your tea, coffee, or cereal. Get ready to froth up some goodness!

Let's Know About the Ingredients

Oatish oat milk is packed with oats, the most you'll find in any oat milk globally! Plus, it's got millets, mung beans, and pea isolate. No added sugar. Creamy and frothy thanks to all those oats!

A unique blend of Oats, Millets and Mung

Oatish oat milk boasts a special blend of oats, millets, and mung beans, creating a powerhouse of nutrition. Rich in fiber, protein, and essential nutrients, this unique combination ensures a creamy texture and a burst of goodness in every sip.

Essential vitamins like Vitamin b12, b1, and calcium and low sodium

Oatish oat milk is loaded with essential vitamins like Vitamin B12 and B1, along with calcium to keep you strong. Low in sodium, it's a healthy choice for everyone. Enjoy the goodness of vitamins and minerals in every creamy sip!

Vegan and cruelty free

Oatish oat milk is proudly vegan and cruelty-free, crafted with compassion and care. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, it embodies our commitment to ethical practices. Savor the delicious taste of Oatish knowing it's not just good for you, but for our furry friends too!


Oatish is the pioneer in India for combining traditional methods with innovative techniques to enhance the natural benefits of oat milk. Our exclusive formula offers a rich, creamy texture and is packed with essential nutrients, making it the only choice you need for your daily wellness routine.

Extra Creamy
Low Calorie
0% Added Sugar

Clean, Healthy Milk Alternative

Oatish oat milk is a clean, healthy milk alternative, packed with fiber and essential nutrients for a balanced diet. Free from artificial additives, it's a perfect choice for those seeking a natural and nutritious beverage.

Creamy, Rich Flavor

Oatish oat milk, rich and creamy, is perfect for frothy cappuccinos, iced lattes, and even boiling to make delicious chai.

Nourishing and Hydrating

Savor the nourishment and hydration provided by our Oatish oat milk, crafted to keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day.

Healthy Digestion

Benefit from the natural goodness of our Oatish oat milk, promoting healthy digestion and aiding in maintaining a balanced gut flora.

Strong Bones and Teeth

Fuel your body with the calcium-rich goodness of Oatish oat milk, essential for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth.

Enhanced Immunity

Boost your immunity with the vitamins and minerals found in our Oatish oat milk, supporting your body's natural defenses.

Enjoy Oatish!

Oatish has a versatile variety of use-cases. However, Oatish can be best enjoyed as:




Workout Drink

Breakfast cereal

Unveil the Dairy Delights

Explore Our FAQs!

How do i store Oatish?

Oatish is a shelf stable oat milk. Once opened keep in refrigerator and consume within 3- 5 days. Keep away from direct sunlight.

What is the shelf life of your product?

12 months from the date of manufacture

Is Oatish vegan and gluten free?

We are and will always be a vegan brand. All the ingredients used in the formulation are 100% gluten free

Can I boil Oatish?

Absolutely, Oatish is formulated to be highly versatile and are suitable for various purposes. You can use it just like dairy milk in your everyday routine. Whether it's in your morning coffee, tea, cereal, baking recipes, or cooking savory dishes, our plant-based drink provides a seamless option that maintains the creamy texture and taste you're accustomed to.

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